creative venture

As a physical performer, who has experience in life modelling – I believe the body is a place of true fascination. In the realms of both self-experience and historical context, the physical frame and its innate expression, once utilised can become a true narrative platform, which has the power not only to atheistically stimulate but evoke thought and manipulate the sense. I consider that the body is our most primal and wise tool to arouse creative material and performativity. Personally, within my own work is trust that the self is the compass to start.

You learn more about yourself through the participation of imaginative engagement with others. This is my most central philosophy when undertaking any personal or creative venture. We, ourselves and our societies are a unit acting as a whole, each member with a personal ‘score’ or artistic duty. My hopes are to unlock regions I have not yet entered….Long term future plans are to open a theatre and therapy based environment which enables the unity of psychological research to the expressive and creative arts considering the relationship, rapport and bond between the mental and physical form.


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